Technology: Changing the State of Health

In 2008, the US racked up a $2.3 trillion tab on healthcare. For perspective, that number represents 16% of the US total Gross Domestic Product! 16%! That equates to the US spending more than $7,681 per resident on health care costs, nearly 13% more than any other country in the world. Why is that? For starters nearly 70% of our country is still overweight and it is only getting worse. It is no surprise that diseases of the heart is the number one killer in America totaling to 28% of all deaths. We are a country that forgot about health and only thinks of convenience. And why not? Aside from the obvious issue of fast food, have you been to the grocery store lately? There are aisles and aisles of instant food ready in minutes. The other day I saw frozen, pre made, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I mean is it really that difficult to spread peanut butter and jelly on two pieces of bread? What have we become? More importantly what are we teaching America’s youth? It is downright shameful and we owe future generations more than debt and obesity.

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Sep 2011

Consumer, Health

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