Hi, I’m Raj

“Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again”

-Franklin P. Jones

Mistakes are inevitable. I have been lucky enough to grow from a series of challenges and unavoidable mistakes connected with experimentation.  Four years ago, I left my job to pursue new ventures. Unfortunately, I initially lacked the experience necessary to achieve immediate success. However, I quickly developed new skills and learned to apply critical thinking to overcome seemingly infinite setbacks. This insight has provided me with the mental toughness and resourcefulness needed to face new obstacles and launch me towards realizing my full potential. 


High School

Rancho Bernardo High School

2000 – 2004

San Diego, CA


University of California, Irvine

2004 – 2008

Irvine, CA

BS in Electrical Engineering


Hardware Prototyping 0%
Hardware Product Development0%
Product Design/User Experience0%
SolidWorks ~In Development0%
Website Development0%
Digital Prototyping0%
Business Development0%
Gimp 0%

Curriculum Vitae

Aspiring Entrepreneur
2013 – Present

Entrepreneurship can be isolating.  At its worst, it is an emotional roller coaster that breeds self-doubt.  On the other hand, discovering new skills to achieve success provides an unparalleled sense of satisfaction.  My journey at House of Vora helped me shape new skills including: 1) product and business development; 2) mechanical design, assembly, and manufacture; 3) 3D printing; 4) electrical design and manufacture; 5) firmware development; and 6) domestic and international sourcing.

Independent Consultant

Websites, Mobile Apps, and Hardware
2013 – Present

As an Independent Consultant, I am driven to overcome challenges and further my principle goal to create an environment of mutual benefit.  Whether a challenge relates to products, payments, knowledge, or exposure, I firmly believe that all parties should achieve their intended objectives.  Consequently, I have learned to generate and develop a clear and precise set of requirements in connection with a client’s needs.  As a result, final delivery always exceeds expectations.

Smart Grid Engineer
2008 – 2012

Edison provided a unique platform to advance my education. Under the guidance of a transformative mentor, I had the opportunity to spearhead a $5M, DOE funded, Smart Grid project spanning across six organizations.  This project drastically reduced customer service interruptions, advancing a top three initiative within the company.  In addition, I was chosen for a young executive leadership program, joining forty colleagues from Edison’s 18K member organization.


Product Launch
2008 – 2008

Through D-Link’s Product launch I was exposed to the reality that launching a product is a complex task requiring coordination of many individuals.  It is clear that nothing worth doing is easy. The opportunity to face these challenges corresponds directly with the following experiences: coordination of multiple departments, development of pricing structures, management of account relationships, and the presentation of technical product briefs to various cross-functional teams.


Latest Work

Looking to hire? Need a website built? Getting into hardware but need a prototype? I’m the guy.